DI-VISION supports digital and business model innovation at PostNL. This Dutch market leader can now plan routes up to 60x faster with our innovative distribution planning solution, powered by the agility of AWS Serverless.



”With this platform we are fit for the future!” - Process Manager PostNL


PostNL was working with a platform from a well-known vendor for planning software. This software gave correct order planning. There were, however, points for improvement in terms of speed, efficiency, costs and future-proofing. DI-VISION changed this scenario with a unique and custom Cloud Native / Serverless planning and distribution platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


In close collaboration with one of the strategic planners and a product owner of PostNL Packages, we designed a Serverless platform architecture,based on a Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM). The interplay between people, process and technology is what differentiates the process of DI-VISION, so we were again able to optimize business value and even innovate their business model.


Because of the re-imagined Serverless architecture, a large degree of parallel processing is now possible. AWS Serverless makes it possible to respond quickly at peak moments and intervals. Total agility in delivery is the result. This even makes new services possible, such as instant delivery, whereby an order is delivered within 2 hours (!). PostNL now manages to plan 60 times faster, at a fraction of the infrastructure costs. In addition, payment is only made for actual consumption and no more server management is required!


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